5 Tips for Safe Banking

Where our money is, there your heart will be. This means that if you have placed your money in whichever the account, you will always want to know how much you have and how safe your money is. To avoid having lots of trouble in your mind because of your money, you can use the following tips for secure banking:

Ask for your bank statements regularly

A bank statement is merely the summary of how money has been going out and coming in. The bank statement will show you the transaction which has been done on your account or a given period. It is upon you to know the transactions you have been doing. If you realize that there are some transactions which you did not authorize, it is better than you report to your bank.

Do not walk with all your bank documents

When you leave your house, you may end up losing your documents. Therefore, do not walk with all the bank documents at the same time. If you do this then it so happens that you miss them, anybody who picks them can connect to your account and make a withdrawal before you report the loss of the documents

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Do not share your PINs or passwords with anybody

Trusting people is good. However, do not do it blindly to the extent that you even let people know about the pin or passwords. Well, some people will tell you to be open to your next of kin. It is a good idea, but you may not like it if the person you trusted with the details ends up sharing it with others hence giving room for transactions which are not yours.

Keep changing your passwords and pins

If you have an online bank account, ensure that you keep changing your passwords. This should happen even for the case of your PINs. Doing this distrust any person you feel suspicious about that might be tracking you to have your details. Therefore, if you keep changing them, it might be impossible for a person to know your details and authorize transactions.

Link your bank account to your phone number

This is one of the sure ways to track your account. Any transaction which is done on your account should give you a notice that some transactions have been authorized. What happens, in this case, is that your bank will provide you with a connection to see what happens in your account. In case transactions have been done which you have not authorized, you should report to your service provider.

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